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Bedrock Genshin Waypoints

Genshin Waypoints


The difference to the other Waypoints? it works, it’s beautiful and it has genshin impact.

Genshin Waypoints addon adds to minecraft bedrock waypoints (these waypoints are based on the genshin impact game). teleport between dimensions and world locations using a more intuitive interface!the ideal addon to facilitate your adventure.


needs GeoFix addon (link)


Tested version: 1.19




Special commands(you won’t need to use, write without /):





How to use:

1 – put the waypoint on the ground and click on it.

2 – in the interface that opens enter the name of the location and click on “Submit” button.

3 – the waypoint will turn blue, clicking on it your waypoints will appear.

4 – by clicking on the name of one of your waypoints you will be teleported to that location.


in case of error: contact @evil_makima on twitter.  


This addon only adds one Waypoint to make it easier to get around your map.


  1. Open your file manager and click on the addon.
  2. Install geofix addon in your world.



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