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Bedrock Giant Spider Boss Addon

Giant Spider Boss Addon

Hi, so i have a question for ya, are you bored of the vanilla bosses? well if you did them this addon is for you, i added a super scary giant spider.


Giant Spider:

  • health: 1800
  • speed: 0.28
  • attack damage: 29
  • effect: poison 


if you have a phobia for spiders, then don’t download this addon, its your decision if you wanna download this or not 

oh and the giant spider will attack any mob except for the spider family


it can summon a vanilla spider, like cave spider 


in game screenshot:

*oh and i forgot that i added a blaster, idk why i added it lol





just search some tutorials in YouTube

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Hm8T6fAPw3cs4QHMVpE2w


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