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Bedrock GiftsDeath Addon

GiftsDeath Addon

This is an addon for Christmas, it is an addon compatible with 1.17.0 up to the most current version of the game that would be 1.18, the function that this addon fulfills is to add some gifts that will appear when you kill a vanilla mob, these same at opening them will grant you the mob’s loot.


-Experimental Games

For the correct functioning of the addon, the only experimental game that you must activate is the following, the rest are optional:

-Holiday Creator Feature


For the operation of this addon it is necessary to first kill any minecraft mob.

To open the gift you just have to right click if you are on win10 and a button will appear on your cell phone that will allow you to open the gift.


If you want to make a review you must put the abbreviated links that I put on this page or directly the link of this page


Discord Server

My Channel

My Twitter 


I will upload it again for download, since it was not uploaded because of something from the Christmas event


Download guide

Go to the links, then down and click on “Free Access with Ads”, then click on “Discover interesting articles from the web” and click on X, wait as long as it says and press X again, then press to “Continue” and voila, this is the same for all the links in this plugin

creator: https://twitter.com/SystemTv_



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