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Bedrock Giga Turtle Addon V1

Giga Turtle Addon V1


The Giga Turtle, is a change from an ordinary turtle that has been given a strength potion.  And a turtle in general they are always harassed or killed by vile mobs like the kind from the zombie family.

The cute turtle is often disturbed by zombies, from eggs that are always trampled on until they break, but by giving strong potions to weak turtles it will turn them into strong ones, and also this giga turtle will protect itself from zombie attacks.  in the form of ordinary zombies, drowned, and zombie husk.


Name : Giga Turtle

Health : 120

Damage : 18-65


Some screenshots of this addon:

The targets that will be attacked by the giga turtle are:

– Zombies

– Husk

– Drowned

– Iron Golem

– Snow Golem

– Guardian

– Elder Guardian

– Player (if in survival mode)


So you have to be careful when playing in survival mode, if you change it using a potion of strength you will likely be attacked by it.


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