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Bedrock Gigachad PE Addon

Gigachad PE Addon


Do you wanna meet Gigachad? But in Minecraft? Well, this Addon is for you because this addon Added Gigachad! If you didn’t know Gigachad, Gigachad is a famous meme. This Addon also added an OP item!

Let’s start now, shall we?


Gigachad is a boss on this Addon and you must fight him!

He is strong because Gigachad have 1000+ hearts 

And he can also fight the Warden:

That’s how strong he is.

It’s worth it to kill Gigachad because of this item called “Gigachad’s hand”

Gigachad’s Hand:

This Hand is OP because this item have 100+ attack damage and it can also mine every single block in Minecraft.

Gigachad PE Addon Official Trailer Here:



Turn on these experiments:

creator: https://twitter.com/MrSPiRfor1  


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