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Bedrock Glow Dust “Glowing Effect”

Glow Dust “Glowing Effect”

Do you want an item that can give a glowing like effect to mobs or players? This addon adds just that! This addon adds a new item called Glowing Dust.

Glowing Dust is a craftable item and when thrown to it would give a glowing like effect to the mobs around it, up to 3 mobs.

The effect can only be seen behind blocks.

These 2 red dots are mobs that I have added the “Glowing” effect.

The “Glowing” Effect has a duration of 15 seconds.

Crafting Recipe:
 1 Recipe gives 2x Glowing Dust Item.

This is what it looks like when throwing the dust.


Known Bug:

The red dot might have a hard time tracking the mobs when there are many of them.


Technical Changes:

  • Obfuscated Material Code
  • Obfuscated Entity Client Code  


Experimental Settings Needed:

creator: https://twitter.com/Dewdimpple


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