Glowing Ore Flowers Add-on

The addon will add ores flowers, which can be found in some biomes in the game and to improve the vision they light up the map, they are also craftable. 


Have you ever thought that with the new update the ores became harder to find? If you want a little more accessible ores that you can find in your adventures over the plain, this addon was made for you.

Here you can find ore flowers spread across 6 different minecraft biomes. Each of these flowers glows like a torch, so when you find the right biome for the night, you not only have a map view, but you’ll also find them faster.


To give you an idea of ​​where they are found, a simple guide has been prepared:

Golden Flower
Biome: Desert;

Emerald Flower
Biome: Ice;

Copper Flower
Biome: Mesa;

Iron Flower
Biome: Savanna;

Redstone Flower
Biome: Taiga;

Diamond Flower
Biome: Jungle;




Each of the flowers will drop its respective ore. The seeds will not be dropped, but there will be another way to have the seeds in craft:



To have a top view of the biomes, some screenshots were prepared:



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Files were checked. to be able to post the addon.


Turn on:

– Holyday Creator Features;

-Creation Of Custom Biomes;

– Additional Moddings Capabilities.

creator: LanDay


By aadhu

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