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Bedrock Godzilla Greatest Enemies Addon

Godzilla Greatest Enemies Addon


Let’s start with:


When dies he transform into more powerful version enough to withstand Burning Godzilla’s attack.



Horn slice:100000

Oxygen Beam(per hit):38000

Shin Destroyah

More powerful than the default one But because of that transformation he can’t Regenerate himself.



Horn slice:950000

Super oxygen Beam (per hit):989500

Chest beam (per hit):8995500

Space Godzilla

A Celestial version of Godzilla, when he dies he can transform into the Charged version.



Crystal attack:18000

Corona beam (per hit):37000

Super Corona beam (per hit):41000

Charged space Godzilla

The charged version of space Godzilla.



Crystal attack:18000

Super Corona beam (per hit):41000

Lightning beam(per hit):40000


A mutated Plant Kaiju Ready to Destroy Godzilla.



Vine attack:37200

Pull attack:18000


Poison beam (per hit):38000

Note: When she dies she can revive herself into Form-1 making her Immortal, the only thing you do to Is to Kill the Form-1 so she can’t revive herself.

The Form-1 can produce Poisonous smoke with a range of 200 blocks.

In the image above,The Form-1 indicates that she’s ready to transform into the Final form.

Armor and weapons

We can’t stop these kaijus without the weapon and Armor.

Photon armor

The strongest and only Armor in this addon, can withstand Burning Godzilla’s attack and shin Destroyah.

How to craft it?

You need a plenty of nether star,end crystal, and Netherite Ingot to craft the photon ingot.

Before crafting the chestplate, you need a one item to craft it. 

Photon star

After crafting some plenty of Photon stars, you can now craft the chestplate.

After that you can combine it with obsidian and Photon helmet to have a full product

And now you have the most durable Armor in this addon.

Oxygen Sword

A weapon that can kill any titan.

How to craft it?

You need gold and nether star to craft the Oxygen blade

Then you need a nether star and stick to craft the sword.

Super Oxygen sword

Enough to kill Shin Destroyah

How to craft it?

You need a Photon star,Photon ingot and emerald to craft the super oxygen ingot.

Then craft the Hardened super oxygen ingot.

And for the blade you need 2 Super oxygen ingot and your Oxygen sword.

And now for the final product.

To access these weapon armor and items, you need to turn on Holiday Creators Features

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