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Bedrock Golden Compass

Golden Compass

Ever wanted to locate structures without the need of using the “/locate” command, Golden Compass is a Addon that lets you locate Vanilla Structures and directs you to their location.



  • To Launch this addon you will need all of These Experimental Toggles ON. And enable the Behavior Pack.
  • Shift while holding the compass To switch between structures and face a direction then follow the compass direction.

Recipe Example:


8 / Ingots of gold.

1 / Original Compass

What can the Golden Compass find :

+ Village

+ Desert temple Jungle temple / Igloo / Swamp hut

+ Stronghold

+ Shipwreck

+ Ruined Portal

+ Pillager Outpost

+ Ocean Ruins

+ Underwater Monument

+ Mineshaft

+ Wooden Mansion

+ Buried Treasure

+ Bastion Remnant (Nether only)

+ Fortress (Nether only)

+ End City (End only)


[ Sorry for misunderstanding but wanted to clearify my ownership of this project. ]

  • Added more descripting to fill in the empty space.
  • Thanks for Approving this addon.


Unzip OR Open and drag to your Game files. YOU can also run this addon on a dedicated server.

creator: Average Milk


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