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Bedrock Golem Heart’s V1 By LBG Studios

Golem Heart’s V1 By LBG Studios


Golem Hearts is a plugin that adds 6 new golems to the game, each with different damage and lifespan, with better loot and new spawns. This is the first version and then new and better updates6 New Golems Added To Our Minecraft Game will be released. MORE UPDATES WILL BE MADE 


Amethyst Golem

Damage: 82

Life: 80-95

Loot: Amethyst Fragment-Amethyst Block

Spawn: Spawn Of Animales Vanilla

Copper Golem

Damge: 2

Life: 10-15

Loot: Lightning Rod-Copper Ingot

Spawn: Birch Forest-Dark Oak Forest



Damage: 26

Life: 130-145

Loot: Diamond-Cobblestone

Spawn: Flower Forest

Ice Golem

Damage: 7

Life: 25-30

Loot: Ice-Blue Ice

Spawn: Ice-Frozen Oceans

Golden Golem

Damage: 14-42

Life: 45-50

Loot: Red Flower-Gold Ingot

Spawn: Villages

Sculk Golem

Damage: 20

Life: 75-85

Loot: Sculk-Sculk Sensor

Spawn: Deep Dark


creator: LaloxGFX


-6 New Golems

-Different Damages, Spawns and Loots

-No need to use experimental modes


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