Hello thanks for coming, this time I bring you a Golems Addon, golems that you can invoke to protect your worlds !!! For now I bring you only six types of goals but I’m sure you are going to love them. We will add more types of golems with abilities and forms later!


Let’s get to the point!


Jungle golem:

  • 💖 Life: 50
  • 🔪 Attack: 7
  • 🧠Abilities: none

Ice golem:

  • 💖 Life: 50
  • 🔪 Attack: 7
  • 🧠Abilities: none
  • This golem is built with packed ice

Magma golem:

  • 💖 Life: 50
  • 🔪 Attack: 7
  • 🧠Abilities: This golem is immune to fire and has the ability to walk underwater, it goes faster under water and will attack nearby enemies, it also glows in the dark, it can be very helpful if you live underwater.

Obsidian golem:

  • 💖 Life: 100
  • 🔪 Attack: 7
  • 🧠Abilities: It is immune to fire

Sandstone golem:

  • 💖 Life: 100
  • 🔪 Attack: 7
  • 🧠Abilities: none
  • This golem is built solely from unpolished sandstone.

Red sandstone golem:

  • 💖 Life: 100
  • 🔪 Attack: 7
  • 🧠Abilities: none
  • This golem is built solely from unpolished red sandstone.

In the future, new features and more golems will be added.

To summon the golems you need a Rune of life which is crafted with two blocks of wood (all types of wood) and lapis lazuli. The rune must be placed on the golem’s pumpkin and the golem will be summon. The rune must be placed on the golem’s gourd and the golem will be summoneded.Also, this rune will appear naturally around the world, and the correct way to place the blocks is as follows:

*Note: the jungle golem must be summoned as shown in the picture, otherwise it will fail

*Note: at the beginning it may take about two seconds for the golem to be summoned due to the stabilization of the game, (this only happens with the first summoned golem, the following ones will be summoned quickly)

The rune can appear in the following structures:

  1. abandoned mineshaft
  2. buried treasure
  3. desert pyramid
  4. igloo chest
  5. jungle temple
  6. pillager outpost
  7. shipwreck
  8. shipwreck supply
  9. shipwreck treasure
  10. simple dungeon
  11. spawn bonus chest
  12. stronghold library
  13. underwater ruin big
  14. underwater ruin small
  15. woodland mansion


Available languages:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. German
  4. French
  5. Italian
  6. Japanese
  7. Portuguese
  8. Russian
  9. Norwegian

NOTE: Upload the original download link to YouTube, do not upload a direct link, keep in mind that this way our content is compatible.



-Added new specifications 

-Correction in the language

-Added additional information


Download the resource packs and behaviors to make it work ([R] and [B])

This Addon requires experimental mode:

creator: Lamorak 117


By aadhu

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