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Bedrock Grandfather Clock Addon (Stranger Thing’s Season 4 Spoilers)

Grandfather Clock Addon (Stranger Thing’s Season 4 Spoilers)


Hey welcome to my third ever addon, you may actually be thinking “Third addon, i’ve never seen you before”. Well i’m actually the owner of a group called Xiphonix Team. You may also know me as the creator of Hardmode+, Nightmare Addon and Mobhunt, the reason you probably don’t also don’t know that group name is because the account is inactive, and i have a perfectly good reason to why it’s inactive and that’s because i forgot the password for it…. oh and the email. Well never mind that because I’m here with a brand new addon for the public.

Let’s start off with the basic, “What is this Grandfather Clock?” Well my dear friend the Grandfather Clock is actually from a Netflix show called Stranger Things. The Grandfather Clock is used in Season 4 (spoilers) by the main villain called Vecna, and he use’s the clock to well…. kill his victims… what else do you think it’s used for? So that’s the basic but what is the real technical stuff… (Finally after 10 tries, I finally did not delete a intro😭)

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So the Grandfather Clock, it’s a pretty simple design to be honest. Appears in your world at a random time (Around one minute and thirty seconds), and once it appears you have a time limit to found where it is (Around eleven seconds(Ha, get it because like eleven seconds and the character eleven…)). Wait, before you go further, you haven’t even done the most important step, without this step it won’t spawn in.


How does it spawn in? And what’s the most important step?

I see… you want to know how to get the Grandfather Clock to spawn in? Well this one step will cost you you’re life and everything you have… Nah I’m just joking. Well my friend after you have kindly downloaded this addon and have imported to minecraft and also applied it to you’re world, you need to open chat. Type in /function start,

 I cant stress how important this step is, if you don’t then your device will explode… and then you will explode…. and then the world will explode….


Just kidding, the addon wont work if you don’t type it in. Ok once you have gracefully typed it in and sent it a weird black block (His name is actually Ground Black Block) will appear nearby you,

just ignore it, it has no friends. Ok since you have done this step it’s all ready to go and you just have to wait until it spawns nearby you.


Help! I don’t know where it is!

Shh… do you hear that? No? Bruh you need to get your ears checked…. you seriously don’t hear that faint ticking? Well if you have to ask, the Grandfather Clock spawns nearby you (Five blocks away from you) and when it does you can hear a very dramatic ticking. Now you know how to locate it… well quick, get rid of it before time is up and you’re dead. The clock is ticking…


How do i get rid of it?

Alright, like the the important step this is a important task, there is a secret item you have to find and it’s like very rare to find. If you can’t find it then you’re a goner man. The item is called


Your fist…


Just punch it man…


I can’t believe you had to ask that, to get rid of it you need to punch it then it’s gone and you survived it.

How does the Clock kill me?

I feel like each time you ask me these question’s, the more dumber i get. Ok let me explain how this works:

Grandfather Clock spawns.

You have eleven seconds to get rid of it.

If time runs out then you say

“Bye Bye”

(It means you die in game)

What’s this Floaty Black Block thing?

After after you got rid of the Grandfather Clock, it left this weird floating black block (It’s name is Floaty Black Block). Well thats actually the first black blocks friend, and just like the first Black Block (That has no friends) just ignore it. It may stay for a while because it’s trying to be your friend, but just walk away from it.

Do you actually have a life?

Now this just got personal, you my friend are reading someones typing that past the limit of madness.


And to answer your question I do actually have a life (Not like some people).



I actually don’t expect this to get like a lot of downloads because of how late i uploaded this addon. I really only made this to make things in survival worlds a bit harder for people. But if you do download this then… Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



Android and IOS Installation:

Credit to FryBry

creator: https://twitter.com/@cow_gz


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