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Bedrock Granny Addon | Minecraft 1.19

Redstone Granny, an addon available in Minecraft 1.19, is a fun way to add an extra level of complexity to the popular sandbox game. Players can build and customize the granny according to the level of difficulty and complexity they are looking for. The addon adds a new dimension to the game, as it contains a variety of objects and characters that can be interacted with. This gives gamers the opportunity to explore and cross-pollinate with their own custom designed scenarios.

The Granny behaves as an AI, reacting to the player’s choices and direction. As the player completes tasks, the Granny gives out rewards, adding a layer of challenge. However, the Granny also offers a selection of in-game tools that can be used to simplify challenging tasks. These include tools like a double jump and the ability to skip levels.

In addition to adding a new level of enjoyment to the game, the Granny also offers more educational opportunities for players. During the process of completing multiple tasks, gamers are exposed to new concepts, such as logic and problem-solving, as well as an introduction to basic programming language.

Overall, Redstone Granny is an excellent way to increase the complexity and challenge of Minecraft 1.19. It provides an opportunity for gamers to explore and develop new worlds, as well as expose themselves to valuable learning opportunities.

Granny Addon | Minecraft 1.19


Do you want scary characters in Minecraft? then this addon is for you. This addon is base on the game called granny and slendrina, this addon adds 3 mobs in Minecraft, granny, slendrina, and spider mom 



Attack Damage:1200

Speed:0.25 (normal speed)

granny might be op, but she is slow, you can easily outrun granny



Attack Damage:1200



slendrina is also slow, you can outrun slendrina


Spider Mom



Attack Damage:13

this is only a spider with head,spider mom is also slow you can outrun spider mom




there is a weapon, you can use it against the three mobs.

*this addon is a beta version, the mobs is incomplete, i will also add more mobs in the next update.





Turn on all experimental gameplay



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