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Bedrock Grapple Hooks

Grapple Hooks

With the upcoming cave generation, a smooth way to get around the new caves is still not present. While it might not be super useful in open spaces, the Grapple Hook becomes an essential in larger caves. (And the Nether!)


The Grapple Hook adds only the grapple hook, an item found in the equipment tab of the creative menu.

You can craft it with 3 leads and 1 amethyst shard:

Throw it out like a snowball; if it hooks into a block, you swing right to it. Note that throwing the hook reduces its durability.

It can be repaired with string at an anvil, and enchanted with Mending, Unbreaking, and Vanishing.



Embedded a simple demo video to show it in action.


Requires 1.17.11 or above.

Requires “Holiday Creator Features” to be enabled in the ‘experimental’ category in the settings.

creator: ikersfletch



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