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Bedrock Grezza’s Craftables

Grezza’s Craftables


Grezza’s Craftables (1.0)


Please Tell Me More Things I Should Add To The Pack!

Have You Ever Wanted To Craft Horse Armor Or Some Other Cursed Block You Can’t Get In Minecraft Survival? Well, You Came To The Right Place!

Grezza’s Craftables Is A Addon You Can Get For Minecraft Bedrock (PE, Win 10, Xbox, PS And Switch) Where You Can Craft Lots Of Illegal Blocks Such As: Bedrock, Command Block And Barriers. Or You Can Craft Useful Stuff Like Horse Armor!

Horse Armor

Horse Armor



Illegal Blocks

Illegal Blocks



How To Download.

Firstly, Download The Pack.

Next, Click On The Pack (Probably In Your Downloads Folder.) It Should Open Minecraft And Import The Packs!

After That, Create A World And Add The New Packs From The Behaviour And Resource Pack Sections


TICK ALL OF THESE BOXES BEFORE JOINING (or just tick them all 😀)


creator: youtube.com/c/Grezza


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