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Bedrock Grief Drone

Grief Drone

This addon add a flyable drone to your world that is capable of burning and/or blowing up everything below it.  It’s easy to set up and simple to use.  


This addon is very easy to setup and use so there really isn’t a lot of instruction needed.  All you have to do is apply both backs to your world and you’re ready.  If you are in creative, you can get a spawn egg and use that to summon the drone.  If you don’t have access to creative inventory, you can do one of two things:

1. type “/summon mcd:drone ~~~” and a drone will spawn in right were you are.


2. type “/function drone”.  This will give you 16 spawn eggs that you can use anywhere in the world.

To fly, just mount the drone like you would a horse.  It will fly where ever you are looking.  

To burn land below, just hold a torch and that’s it.  As long as you are holding the torch, the drone will drop a flammable torch every 2 seconds.  If it lands on leaves or wood, it will catch them on fire.

To use the TNT, do the same thing.  Just hold it in your hand while  you fly around.  This will drop a tnt block every 4 seconds. 


This addon does require Holiday Creator Experimental Features to be enabled.




Add to world


creator: TheMCD912


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