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Are you a fan of the GTA Franchise? Then this Addon is for you. This Addon brings you some characters and features from the GTA universe. Note: If you want to use my addon for your YouTube video please make sure to credit me and don’t give any direct media fire link. Just provide the link. If you want to create a map you can ask permission from me. Also if you want to commission an Addon you can ask me on my YouTube channel for it.


This Addon is a mixture of all the GTA games.

This includes:


Claude:  Claude is the main playable character of GTA 3.

CJ: Carl Johnson (CJ) is the main playable character in GTA San Andreas. He is a member of the groove Street gang.

Tommy: Tommy is the main character of GTA Vice City.

Niko Bellic: Niko is the main playable character of GTA 4. 

Franklin, Michael and Trevor: Franklin, Michael and Trevor are the main playable characters in GTA 5. They work together and fight off other gangs. 


OG LOC is the friend of CJ in GTA San Andreas. He and CJ help each other in their missions.

Groove Street members: These members roam around your world and will help you to fight with other gang members.

Big Smoke: Big Smoke is the senior member of Groove Street gang and later betrays CJ and all of the groove Street members.

Ballas gang members: These gang are rivals of Groove Street gang but later with the help of bug Smoke become more strong.

Ryder: Ryder is a helper of Big Smoke and later betrays the groove Street members by Big Smoke’s help.

Frank Tenpenny: He is a corrupt police officer who controls CJ into doing more crime and then betrays him.

Vascolov: He is the main villain of GTA 4 and hates Niko.

Weston: Weston is a business man but does criminal activity to keep his business running. He is in GTA 5.

Haines: Steve Haines is an FBi agent who wants to catch Franklin, Michael and Trevor. He is the main antagonist of GTA 5.

Lamar: Lamar is a helper of Franklin in GTA 5. He also gives Franklin things needed for his mission.

Police: Police roam around the world and will protect citizens. If you try to attack them they will start attacking you.

Citizens: Citizens roam here and there and run when you hit them. 

Weapons and armors:

Glock: Glock do a decent damage and is affective on Ballas street gang.

Uzi:Uzi gives a nice amount of damage and is good at close ranges.

Ak-47: Ak-47 does a lot of damage and helps handling bigger gang crowds.

Baton: baton are an effective melee weapon and is good for damaging few gang.

Baseball bat: Baseball bat also does some good damage but it looks much cooler than  a baton.

Armor: bullet Proof Armor gives you protection from enemies for a few amount of time as it has less durability.

Playable characters Armor: Every armor has the same durability and strength.  You  can dress up as any one.



Added new featured image featuring the actual in game photo.


Turn on all the experiments as shown below. Then turn on both resource and behavior pack. Then switch into creative or survival. Create a new world or the addon may not work. If the addon does not work try creating another world and repeat the process.

creator: https://twitter.com/MXtr8me



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