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Bedrock Hacked Recipes

Hacked Recipes


Simple addon that allows you to craft the best items in the game within minutes of starting a world!  You’ll have access to Diamonds, Netherite, OP Enchantments, Elytra and More!!!

This addon is really very simple.  It adds a few recipes that use only sticks to give you the most op items in the game (and some illegal ones also).  These items include:

Netherite Blocks

Diamond Blocks

Gold Blocks

Iron Blocks

Copper Blocks

Lapis Blocks

Blocks of Coal


Shulkers FULL of OP Enchantments

1000 Level XP Boosters

And even a world ticking entity as a bonus!



This addon is compatible with other addons 

This addon requires Holiday Experiments Enabled


Just download the packs, install, and add to world.



creator: TheMCD912



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