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Bedrock Half A Heart Hardcore

Half A Heart Hardcore [Add-On]


Do you love adventures and hardcore mode? There are many hardcore mode Add-Ons but It comes with half health of the player. HALF A HEART HARDCORE by LeGend077. You need to play very safe! I’m giving you a challenge to beat Ender Dragon with this Add-On. Let’s move to details.

It is different from other add-ons as the player health is 0.5 with the hardcore mode as a bonus with least files used as possible,

Starting Fresh (You need to create a new world. Existing Worlds will not be affected with this add-on).


Don’t Hit the Ground too hard 🙂


New Death Screen –


Spectating World –


Don’t be smart. You can’t change your gamemode as you don’t need to enable cheats. This means you’re now locked in spectator mode.


———– CREDITS and Info—————-

– All the credits only goes to LeGend077.
– You can’t upload it to any other website.
– Must give proper credit to me if showcasing (surely).



  1. Download the .mcaddon file and click it import it into Minecraft Bedrock.
  2. Create a new World (not compatible with existing worlds).
  3. No need to enable any experimental toggle.
  4. Don’t enable cheat.
  5. Then, activate the RP or BP.
  6. Make sure Resource and Behavior Pack are properly activated.

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