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Bedrock Hallowed Hallow V1

Hallowed Hallow V1

Relive the dark and sinister Hallow biome once again with Hallowed Hallow’s remake! In this addon you will have the wrath of Halloween unleashed in your world! Fight off scary new enemies with powerful new weapons, explore creepy structures, carve new pumpkins, and waaaay more for you to do!


IMPORTANT: This is a REMAKE of the original my Hallowed Hallow addon. If you have the old one installed, I suggest you delete it so it doesn’t interfere with the new one.


Lets get into the addon, but first; watch this trailer if you want to see most things in action.


The Hallow Biome

This is a brand new biome that you will find generating quite rarely throughout your world. It may look all fall themed and happy, but don’t be fooled. Once night time arrives, you need to seek shelter immediately.

This biome contains many exclusive things such as mobs, ores, items, and structures. More info on that below. 

A peaceful forest that use to thrive and be full of life long ago! Until one day, where it just turned into a wasteland. This wasteland is full of evil, dark….sinister evil. No one here is your friend, everyone is too corrupt to function properly…. Their minds just think about death and destruction…

You can find new flowers here too. The first 2 can be crafted into dye.

Hallow Ore

While mining deep below the treacherous depths of the Hallow, you may encounter a new ore, called the Hallow Ore. This ore can be used to craft tools and armor.


Iron ore that was one day infused with a lost soul. The soul then corrupted the ore turning it color into a fall orange. People who braved the deep Hallow underground almost always said they felt like they were being watched by their hallow tools, ingots, and armor! 

There was this rumor long ago that said that an unfortunate person decided to wear a full Hallow armor set. They were then supposedly binded and fused inside of the armor, never to be seen or heard from again…

However, you must smelt it first.

Then you can craft tools and armor, they follow the same recipe format as all the Minecraft tools/armor have

Tool Stats: (All have 270 Durability, same speed as Iron)

  • Sword: 6 damage
  • Pickaxe: 4 damage (Mines whatever iron can)
  • Shovel: 3 damage
  • Axe: 5 damage
  • Hoe: 3 damage

Armor Stats: (All have 270 durability)

  • Helmet: 1 bar
  • Chestplate: 3 bars
  • Leggings: 2.5 bars
  • Boots: 1 bar

(Protection value is same as iron)

Hallow ingots have more uses farther below.

New Pumpkin Variants and Carving System

I’m pretty sure everyone is tired of just seeing an orange pumpkin. With Hallowed Hallow, you can score yourself 3 new colors! Green, White, and Yellow! Each capable of being carved, and turned into Jack o’lanterns

You can obtain these from mobs very rarely, or you can dye a normal pumpkin.

Next, new carving system.

First, craft a pumpkin carver.

Next, just put the pumpkin of your choice next to a pumpkin carver in a crafting table to get yourself a carved pumpkin!

Jack o’lantern recipes

And they all light up at night!


Freaky Structures

Okay well they are not that freaky!

Abandoned Graveyard (Yes those tombstone blocks are obtainable)

Hopefully you’ll find a creepy use for them 🙂

Trick or Treator House (You better do what the signs say!)


Creepy Mobs

You’ll encounter tons of new….”friends” along the way in the Hallow. They spawn anytime during the day/night.

The Hallow pig is first. Aw cute. 

Pigs that feel absolutely 0 emotion. They do not care what happens around them, they are just in their own world. 

You gotta feel bad for these guys…

This pig, is friendly (maybe?) This pig drops new food called Hallow Chops; which can be cooked in a furnace , etc.

Cooked Hallow chops give you strength 3 for 5 seconds.

Okay, not cute. It looks like he wants to eat your dreams.

Hallow pig has 10 HP

These are ghosts. Creepy flying guys that will occasionally come down from the sky to haunt you. They have 10 HP and can burn during the day. They do 6 damage. They spawn at night.

Souls of the lost as some say. 

It is said that when someone dies, their afterlife is interrupted by the Hallow. This only happens when your spirit goes in its radius, but once it gets pulled in, its never getting out…

The Hallow sucks the soul and traps it for all eternity. Lost souls are turned into ghosts and roam high in the skies hoping to complete their afterlife…


This next enemy is the living stone. It has 30 HP and 4 attack. It is very slow and spawns underground in Hallow biomes.

Souls of deceased miners that are forever trapped in a body of stone. This came to be when a ghost killed them. The ghost snags their spirit and stuffs it into a stone block. The dead miner then reanimates as a Living Stone. The Living Stone seem to still try mining occasionly, I guess its trying to complete its mission…dIaMonDs!

This next guy is not an enemy. This is the Damned Trick or Treator. All they want is candy! They have 20 HP and do not attack. They spawn any time during the day/night.

Innocent chil-well use to be innocent child who had their soul sent to Hallow. One day, while Trick or Treating; they were lured with candy trails on the floor. Poor child didn’t see it coming and was snagged by ghosts. The ghosts treated him with all the candy he can get. He was so excited! Over time he began to realize that he was no where near home and was surrounded by strange apparitions. The ghosts began to realize so they cast a spell on the child corrupting his mind. Now the child no longer cares about returning home…He just wants candy!

Candy is obtained from killing ANY Hallowed Hallow mob or you can craft it, more info below.

This next mob is a boss. This is the Hallow King. He has 250 HP, deals 7 damage, and has 2 abilities. He can summon pumpkin bombs and ghosts. He always spawns with all netherite (except for a helmet) and a Hallow sword.

In order to fight the Hallow King, you must craft his spawn egg.

You will need 4 unique items. The middle item is a Hallow ingot. The next 3 are souls that drop off of specific mobs.

Soul of the Lost (1st soul): Drops off Ghosts

Soul of the Damned (2nd soul): Drops off Trick or Treators

Soul of the Emotionless (3rd soul): Drops off Hallow pigs

Once you craft the spawn egg, good luck! The boss is pretty challenging. The boss will reward you with a lot of cool things from the Hallowed Hallow mod. He also has 3 unique weapon drops.

Ill show 1 of them off here 🙂



Of course, what would be Halloween without a load of candy?

I will say that the 2nd candy is pretty useful, if you like trading with villagers a lot!

Now most candy can be crafted, the others are dropped off of mobs.

(This one is a cupcake that refills 5 hunger bars)


Happy Halloween everyone! Thanks for checking out my addon 🙂


Be sure to enable the following above, having your worlds set up like this can ensure you that most addons will work no problem. 

If you are making a video for YouTube or something, please DO NOT leave your own links! Please leave this link. Thanks.

I own all assets in this addon, please DO NOT steal anything from me, thanks.

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAFtX2fcsbzNa7X6hE_gRTg


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