Halo’s Dynamic Light Addon (Compatible with other addons)


Hello, welcome, my name is Halo333, today I bring you the Dynamic Light addon. What is Dynamic Light? Dynamic light means that when you put a torch in either of the 2 hands, it illuminates your game, giving it a realistic touch and helps a lot when going to the mines, since it is very dark, and putting torches on each wow, it’s very annoying. Also, this addon is compatible with any addon, so you won’t have any compatibility issues.

To begin with, this addon will make us light up when we have the normal torch of the game.

But, it will only work on the right hand, since it is not possible to modify the item. So a copy of the torch has been created, which does allow us to put it in the left hand.

In order to get a custom torch, we need a normal torch from the game, and put it on the crafting table.

He will give us a special torch, that special torch will allow us to put it in our left hand.

In this way, we can go to the mine comfortably without spending torches and without wasting a lot of time.


To put the torches on the ground again, what you will have to do is put the torch back on the crafting table, but this time the one you created.

This will give you back the original torch from the game, and you can put it as a block.

This torch has the same function as a normal torch, its lighting capacity remains the same.


Addons Compatibility


All the items including that names, will work like a dynamic light


  • torch
  • light
  • glow
  • lantern
  • lamp
  • beacon
  • candle
  • chandelier
  • luminous
  • firefly
  • radiance
  • incandescent
  • luminescent
  • radiant
  • phosphorescent
  • gleam
  • twinkle
  • luminosity
  • fire
  • end_rod
  • lava_bucket
  • lit_pumpkin
  • magma


Useful for creators 🙂




Hey, there’s an update of this addon

  • Optimization
  • No commands
  • Scripts are already updated to 1.20.42
  • Now it works with things of other addons


It is necessary to have the texture pack and behavior pack activated, otherwise it will not work.

Activate all experimental games, including gametest


If you are going to promote the addon, please respect the original links: Linkvertise

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjuP72FoxcgxM_mn8dsqR7g


By aadhu

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