Hardcore and Ultra Hardcore Modes for 1.18.3

Ever wanted to play Hardcore Mode or Ultra Hardcore Mode like Java Edition?

Wanting to challenge yourself on a whole new level?

Then check out this addon to do just that!


This addon gives you the ability to experience what only Java Edition has to offer… for now.

Each game mode gives you one life ONLY and locks your game into hard mode. The only difference is in Ultra Hardcore you cannot naturally regenerate health. This means you will be relying on potions, golden apples, suspicious stew, and the likes.


This pack also alters your health bar to hardcore hearts. See below for the different status effects.


No status effect.

Freezing effect.

Posioned effect.

Wither effect.


When you die you will be met with this screen:



Because unfortunately we can’t delete from the death screen like Java. 

If you choose to respawn you are invisible to other players, you cannot be harmed, and you cannot interact with the world. You can fly though if you check the settings as shown below so you can still view all your hard work.


If you want the ability to fly after you die be sure to click Activate Cheats and Education Edition in the game settings when starting your world.



I have set each pack as separate downloads so you don’t have to download more data than necessary. Just pick the pack you want and enjoy!



You may use in solo or multiplayer worlds.

If reviewing addon provide link only!

Do NOT give direct link.

Give proper credit.

Do not distribute or use my addon in packs or world downloads without permission.

If you have issues please let me know by joining my discord and posting in the addons channel:



Added YouTube video showcase.

Added more in-game photos.

Updated description.


Click download on your file of choice. When the page loads scroll down to find “Free Access with Ads” button and click on it. Wait 10 secs then close by hitting the X. Once you reach MediaFire download both files (BP and RP) and install per your device. Apply behavior pack to any world and resource pack will automatically apply. If you wish to fly upon death make sure to enable cheats and select education edition.

creator: https://twitter.com/LiaPlayzPE


By aadhu

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