Hardcore Mode (With Spectator and Extra Extreme Modes)

This Bedrock Challenge addon removes the ability to respawn when the player dies! With just one life can you enter the Nether? Reach The End? Defeat the Ender Dragon? Still not challenging enough … try one of three even more extreme modes included in this pack!




As this is supposed to be a challenge, it is designed to be played in survival mode and on hard difficulty. When you die, you have the option of spectating the world, but you cannot rejoin as an active player. It is intended to be played on any world seed and works on both single and multiplayer worlds (when hosting multiplayer, ensure that the “Require players to accept resource packs to join” box is checked).


4 Hardcore Game modes:

For all of you truly sadistic gamers out there, this pack includes four different game modes. The game mode can be changed/set via the subpack slider, but only before the world is generated. Changing the game mode slider after the world has loaded does nothing.


Hardcore – 1 life


Hardcore Ultra – 1 life, no natural regeneration


Hardcore Insane – 1 health, 1 life, no natural regeneration


Hardcore Impossible – 1 health, 1 life, no natural regeneration, no totems of undying, no enchanted/golden apples, forced game rules (firetick on, mobgriefing on, tntexplodes on, etc. etc.)


Out of Bounds:

There are no off-limit areas to the generated world, as this addon does not contain any command blocks, structure blocks, custom ticking area, etc.


Starting the challenge:

The challenge will start as soon as the world loads.


Ending the challenge:

There is no programmed “end” to the challenge, it is intended that this challenge be permanently part of the world.


Known issues:

As spectator mode is currently experimental it has a lot of bugs with it, like: cannot always fly around, can pick up items, can drop items, can collect xp orbs, can be seen by other players, etc. etc. For the time being, I have added few things to try and address some of these, but hopefully these will all be fix when spectator mode is officially released, and the added things can be removed in a future version of the addon.

This addon uses behavior subpacks and so, on occasion, the first time the addon is imported and used in a world it does not always correctly load the subpack. If this happens, restarting Minecraft has, so far, fixed the issue each time.


Additional features:

Solo insta sleep – one person climbing into a bed, at night, instantly changes the game time to just after sunrise of the next day


Required minimum Minecraft Bedrock version:



This pack requires the following experimental game toggles to be on:

All experiments must be on. Wild Update is optional.


Compatibility with other addon packs:

This pack overrides the default entity player.json file, so it may not work as intended if it is not the top behavior pack in the list.



If you make a review, gameplay, or showcase about this addon, please give credit and/or put a link to this page.


Thanks, good luck, and enjoy this Bedrock Challenge!



As this likely is not the first addon pack you have tried (and there are numerous links and YouTube videos on the subject), you probably do not need installation steps … but just in case you do, here are some verbose instructions.


From the .zip file:

Download the .zip file.

Rename the file extension from .zip to .mcaddon.


From the .mcaddon file:

Download the .mcaddon file.



Make sure Minecraft is closed, then double click on the .mcaddon file.
Minecraft will run and, once the title screen loads, it will install the pack(s).


Creating a world with the pack included:

Go to the create world screen and configure your desired settings as you normally would.
BEFORE CREATING THE WORLD, go to the Experiments section, turn on all experiments (Wild Update is not needed), and click “Activate Experiments” on the pop-up warning.
(NOTE: This step can be skipped for single player worlds) Go to Resource Packs and click on the box that says, “Require players to accept resource packs to join.”

Go to Behavior Packs, click on MY PACKS, find the pack, click on it, click the Activate button, and click Continue on the pop-up warning.

Click on the ACTIVE tab and selected the pack.

Click on the subpacks gear icon, drag the slider to the game mode you wish to play on, then click the “X” in the upper right corner of the pop-up.

Finally, click on the button to create the world.


1.18.31 and up

creator: https://twitter.com/BedrockChalleng


By aadhu

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