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If minecraft seems too easy for you and you want to complicate the gameplay, then this mod is for you. This mod is well suited for those who are looking for new challenges. This mod will be especially useful for YouTubers. If you make a video about minecraft, then with this mod you can make a video “100 days of survival in a more difficult minecraft”.

After installing the Harder Mobs mod, you will now have to go through minecraft with virtually no damage, because many monsters can now kill you with one blow. With this mod, you will have a hard time fighting bridges even with a full set of Netherite armor. This mod doubles the health and damage of all hostile mobs and bosses. Hostile mobs have become faster; skeletons, ifrits and ghasts shoot more often and farther; cave spider venom effect now lasts longer.

Ender Dragon and Wither are now much harder to kill as they now have twice the health.

Now, after the explosion of creepers, fire appears at the place of the explosion:

Mobs have become really more dangerous. Despite the fact that the monsters have become faster, it is still possible to run away from them.

Also doubled the damage of some neutral mobs, namely llamas and goats. Iron Golem now also has double damage and double health.

With this mod, minecraft will become more interesting and you will definitely not be bored.

creator: Arthur156               


Thanks for download this mod!😃


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