Havoc Jet

A jet modelled from the past that can drop TNT. With tilt animations and a closed cockpit, this is the king of the sky. Deploy TNT by dropping it from your inventory (hit “q” for pc).


This is a jet that is loosely modelled after the heinkel he 178, which is considered to be the first practical jet powered aircraft.

This mod can drop TNT like the Havoc Biplane, and is faster and has a closed cockpit.

To enter the jet simply approach it and right click. If you are on PE, just tap on the “Fly” button that will appear when you approach it. 

To deploy the TNT just drop the TNT from your inventory (hit q).

Walking forward will make the jet accelerate, and by looking left, right, up, or down you will make the jet adjust its direction.

Here is the crafting recipe:


This add-on was created by ItsDandD
Check out my YouTube

Here is a short video showcase of the Havoc Jet. There is a direct download (no ad) link in the description: 





You will need both the Resource pack and the Behavior pack!
Make sure the Resource pack and the Behavior pack are above any
other packs you have!


Updated links to editors request.

Also updated the installation guide.


By aadhu

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