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Bedrock Healing Campfire

Healing Campfire

This add-on is based on a feature contained in some video games, which is to be able to recover health with a campfire and is exactly what we have recreated but for Minecraft Bedrock.



  • This add-on does not use any features related to the “player.json” file, so it is compatible with more add-ons.
  • The effects are applied by an entity, so when using the command “/kill @e” it will be removed and will stop applying the regeneration effects.
  • It is necessary to activate the experimental game options for the operation of this.


  • Crafting:
  • The recipe applies to both campfires (Normal and Souls).
  • Images:
  • Effects apply to all entities that are within range (4 blocks away).
  • In the same way, when they are destroyed, the effects disappear.



  • How to pass Linkvertise.
  • Once the file is downloaded and go to the download path, the file will be opened by double clicking and it will be automatically imported into the game, in case of Android it is touch and open with Minecraft, if the file is not imported it is necessary to change the file extension from “mcpack” to “zip” to unzip and move the files to their corresponding folders.
  • Turn on experimental game options.

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC70EMFarsvDg5UmIn2kB3Gg



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