[Lbs] Heart Bit Addon


In this addon I come to bring you a new type of consumables, The Heart Bits, which will give you special abilities and some even side effects, but I am sure that they will help you in your adventure.

As always, we start from the beginning, this addon is based on a new item dropped by the most common monsters in the game, the zombie, the skeleton and the creeper.

When they die, they will drop 1 heart fragment, which will serve as a base to create all the Heart Bits

Well, the first heart that you will seek to create will be the Heart Bit, with this you can create most other more powerful Heart bits.

This item can be ingested to heal wounds and obviously to craft other Heart Bits.

This is the list of the 8 different hearts that you can get, they all have abilities and side effects that I am sure will help you in your adventure.

It is a fairly light addon, so I leave it up to you to describe the effects of each heart and the use you will give them.

Without further ado, I remind you that I will be attentive to the comments and suggestions you make. Enjoy the addon 🙂

creator: Kicho117

By aadhu

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