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Bedrock Helicopter Add-on v0.1

Helicopter Add-on v0.1


hello this add-on adds a helicopter to your Minecraft world, this add-on also include some item and block and working fuel system. However add-on is still in development so you might encounter some bugs

To get the helicopter you need to craft an helicopter crafting table as shown bellow 


after that tap on that block to craft the helicopter, fuel maker block and fuel empty.





you need fuel to drive the helicopter, to make fuel place the fuel maker block and tap it holding a redstone block, and wait for it to finish processing, after that tap the block while holding a fuel empty item, and you will get a fuel.


now the the only thing let to do is to add fuel to the helicopter, you can do this by sneaking while interacting to the helicopter.

If you have suggestions or maybe bugs that need to be fixed, please leave them in the comments below or on my youtube and I will consider adding them…

Note: If your are going to share or make a video about this add-on please use this link, not the direct link or your own link 


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