Hexerei | A Totally Not Generic Spell Addon

Hexeri is a [[TOTALLY NOT GENERIC]] spell add-on that adds 15+ spells to your minecraft world obtained through a special table and materials. From quality of life spells to totally overpowered abilities, only YOU can draw the line of what is justifiable for use!


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Straight To Download

Don’t like reading? Here’s the download link. (Don’t be asking questions later if you get confused later.)

| RP | Hexeri

| BP | Hexeri

NOTE: This addon has just rebranded from a totally different project so things seem a bit bare at the moment. More content will be added and adjusted as time goes on.

Hexeri Table

To get started and start crafting spells, you are going to need a special station.

Introducing the Hexed Enchanted Table. An Enchanting Table made to craft special books that contain magic used to your own benefit.

All spells in this addon are made at this table, you cannot use a normal crafting table for these items.

NOTE: Spells require an enchanted book in order to craft them. You can use ANY enchanted book, no matter how powerful or weak it is.

Mana System

Before anything, all of these spells require mana. You can get Mana in two ways: 

  • Mana will naturally regenerate overtime.
  • Drink Mana Potions, which can be created with the recipe above.

Mana Clock


Mythic Spell

On Use, creates a hud on the bottom of your screen that displays mana.

  • Use to ENABLE hud.
  • Use while CROUCHING to DISABLE Hud.

Mythic spells are dark and unstable. Use at your own risk.

Now, you may be asking. “Well, how do I know how much Mana I have?”

easy! If you use a spell and it does something, you have mana. But if it does not, you don’t!

Okay, okay, but seriously. You can craft an item called a “Mana Clocker”. This item will pop up a bar on the bottom of your screen to match how much Mana you have.


This addon contains a number of spells. so to make it neat and organized, all spells have been split into rarities. You can find information about each spell below

Common Spells

Double Jump

  • Common Spell
  • When used, The user is boosted into the air.
  • Cost: 3 Mana

Uncommon Spells

Magic Grenade

  • Uncommon Spell
  • When thrown, it’ll fly. until it lands. Then boom.
  • Throwable

Rare Spells

– Ghast’s Wrath –

  • Rare Spell
  • Casts a Fireball
  • Cost: 4 Mana

Magic Grenade+

  • Rare Spell
  • When thrown, it’ll fly. until it lands. then boom, wayyy bigger boom.
  • Throwable

Epic Spells

-+ Jeans’ Wrath +-

  • Epic Spell
  • Casts a Dragon Fireball
  • Cost: 8 Mana

-+ Blizzard +-

  • Epic Spell
  • Freezes non player entities in a 15 block radius
  • Cost: 10 Mana

-+ Iceade +-

  • Epic Spell
  • When thrown, shoots an ice block that freezes the air around it on contact.
  • Cost: 8 Mana

-+ Shulkerology +-

  • Epic Spell
  • When used, all non-player entities in the area are shot into the air.
  • Cost: 8 Mana

+ Smoke Screen +-

  • Epic Spell
  • When used, the user is turned invisible and given a speed boost.
  • Cost: 8 Mana

-+ Throwable Lightning +-

  • Epic Spell
  • When thrown, The book will summon lightning where it lands.
  • Throwable

-+ Magma Walker +-

  • Epic Spell
  • When used, The user will harden the lava below them.
  • Cost: 1 Mana Per Tick

-+ Water Walker +-

  • Epic Spell
  • When used, The user will harden the water below them.
  • Cost: 1 Mana Per Tick

Legendary Spells


-= Blessing of Hymn =-

  • Legendary Spell
  • When used, the book will play a dubstep beat.
  • When played, mobs around the user will be marked.\
  • At the end of the song, these mobs will explode.
  • Use the book WHILE CROUCHING to cancel the ability early
  • Cost: 30 Mana

-= Blessing of Light =-

  • Legendary Spell
  • When used, it greatly moves time forward at the cost of the user’s life force.
  • Cost: 3 Mana Per Tick

-= Blessing of Rage =-

  • Legendary Spell
  • When used, Greatly enhances the users strength and speed.
  • Use the book WHILE CROUCHING to cancel effects
  • Cost: 1 Mana Per Tick

-= Nuzlocke =-

  • Legendary Spell
  • When used, mobs other than players in a 15 Block radius
  • will be stunned for 5 Seconds.
  • Cost: 15 Mana, No Cooldown. HOWEVER:
  • The more the book is used in a short amount of time, the more likely bad things will happen.

End Stuff

You have reached the end. If you choose to download the addon, I hope you enjoy it! If you don’t mind, I’d like to set some ground rules for use.

  • YOU ARE ALLOWED to use assets in this addons for your own NON-COMMERCIAL projects.
  • YOU ARE ALLOWED to review this addon and blah blah blah not that I would stop you.
  • YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED to repost this addon anywhere else without permission. this is a PAGE and CURSEFORGE exclusive unless told otherwise.
  • YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED to put your own link shortener.

With all of that aside, I really hope you enjoy my work!


By aadhu

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