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Bedrock Hidden Useful Blocks and Items

Hidden Useful Blocks and Items

This tool adds nine blocks which have no place in the inventory and you need to add them using commands. Particularly in my great experience creating maps, it was a bit annoying so I hope you find it useful.


Tired of having to type commands over and over again to get blocks you use on a daily basis?

This addon adds:

-Command Block


-Structure Void

-Structure Block




-Border Block

-Light Block (Appears at level 0)

In order for the items to appear, you must activate the experimental functions

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-Click on “Free access”

-Click on “Sponsored articles”

-Wait 5 seconds and click “Continue”

-You will be able to download the addon. Sorry not to offer direct downloads but in my situation this alternative really helps me a lot, I hope you know how to understand me and thank you very much for the support 💜

The download link was checked with VirusTotal giving a total of 0/92 threats

creator: https://twitter.com/Ligged1


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