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Bedrock Hide NameTag Add-on

Hide NameTag Add-on


Have you ever wondered hiding nametags for entities and players, this behavior pack can do this task for you! With this add-on, you can hide and show entity nametag with chat command.

How to use:

There are 2 ways to use this add-on, custom command or slash command.

Custom command means every player can run the hide nametag command, and slash command only available to players with operator permission.

  1. Custom command (available to everyone)
  • Type !showign false to hide entity nametags for everyone.
  • Type !showign true to show entity nametags for everyone.

  2. Slash command (operators only)

  • Type /gametest run showign:false  to hide entity nametags for everyone.
  • Type /gametest run showign:true to show entity nametags for everyone.

Entities with hide nametag disabled:

Entities with hide nametag enabled:


How to download:

  1. Download the behavior pack from linkvertise and my discord server
  2. Import to Minecraft
  3. Add the pack on the existing world
  4. Enable GameTest Framework
  5. Start the world

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