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Bedrock High and Dry!

High and Dry!


Have you ever wanted an add-on that changes your entire Minecraft experience? Have you ever wanted an add-on that adds new biomes and new concepts to your survival world? Have you ever wanted an add-on that changes the entire game? Have you ever wanted an add-on to have a story or lore that tie into the game? If you have ever wanted any of these things then this add-on is perfect for you

Lore : You crash land on an arid planet, you don’t remember who you are or anything from your past life. Now it’s time to decide who you want to be on this new hostile world! Keep moving across different biomes until you find the required parts to build your ticket out of here. You will be chased by mobs that either want you dead or want something from you and they won’t stop until they get it. The surface is dangerous, stay in the sun too long and you will become extremely fatigued or get crushed by the endless meteorites that hit the planet surface everyday or choose to hide underground and face the endless hordes of bugs that want you dead. This add-on rewrites The Overworld and parts of The Nether and adds a whole new progression system into the game with a whole new ending! Will you survive long enough to make it to The End?


Requires Minecraft Preview Latest Version, 

This Add-on uses player.json and will not work with any other add-ons that use this file.


This Add-on was made by KekeCreations and Ari

Ari’s Twitter : @BITroot9000

KekeCreations’ Twitter : @CreationsKeke


Join My Discord, Or Subscribe to my youtube for early downloads and teasers



How to beat the game?

As you begin planning your escape from the hell you crashed into, you build a rocket with the goal to escape, but as youd soon realize, not all things end as expected. You realize theres no true way to escape the arid planet you must now call home.

New types of biomes

Dune Biome

Top layer block : Silt

Mid layer block : Clast

Foundation layer block : Shale

In this biome you can find sahauro cactuses and you can bone meal then for prickly pears! in this biome you can also find Panerba Mushrooms. When Panerba Mushrooms are broken they drop pango which you can eat and cook in a furnace or a campfire!

Dune Biome Mountains

Top layer block : Shale

Mid layer block : Shale

Foundation layer block : Shale

This biome has all the same features as the dune biome


Volcanic Biome

Top layer block : Tephra

Mid layer block : Volcanic Rock

Foundation layer block : Shale

Deepslate layer block : Volcanic Rock

In this biome you can find volcanos that have a few ores inside and if you’re lucky enough you may even find a couple of blazes inside a volcano! This biome has also has magma cubes all over the place be careful! 


Mobs and Mob Overhaul Info

Spiders Now Spawn everywhere but mostly spawn underground

Magma Cubes Spawn in The Nether and in volcanic biomes

Blazes Spawn in The Nether and in volcanos 

Husks Spawn everywhere on the surface

Skeletons Spawn in dunes but only on the surface

Endermans Only Spawn In The Nether and The End Now

Sclung  (New Mob!)

Sclung are extremely hostile unless your holding a piece of malachite in your hand!

If you give Sclung a piece of malachite it will find nearby malachite ores 



How the Heat Mechanic works?

Being out in the sun makes you hot. If you get too hot you will get 2 warning messages tell you to seek shelter if you refuse to take shelter you will become fatigued and recieve slowness.  You can cool down by seeking shelter under blocks or going inside caves.


Cave Biomes

Lush Caves stays the same

Deep Dark stays the same

Dripstone Caves stays the same


Amphibole Crystal Caves Biome

Amphibole Clusters generate here

Amphibole Geode generate more often here

Sclungs spawn here

Foundation Material : Amphibolite




Meteorites crash land everywhere on the planet and your only safe from them underground. Meteorites can either crash land on their own or in clusters known as Meteor Showers



Tourmaline :

Tourmaline can be found anywhere

tourmaline is a magical crystal you may find in the world, it is said to have magical abilities, able to give enchantments to tools


Malachite : 

Malachite can be found anywhere deep underground

malachite is a durable mineral you will when exploring underground, its great for cutting and hittin things, a great tool material


Iridium : 

Iridium can only be found at crash sites or in the nether

iridium is a metal you will find in your scrapzone as scrap metal in the crash site, even stronger than malachite, its heavy, and can handle extremly high temperatures, great for rocket making. Just remember, your iridium supply is limited, you might want to keep one or two ingots just in case


Iron Ore :
Iron is great for making starter tools 

Iron can be found anywhere 


Volcanic Iron Ore

Volcanic iron ore is a variant of the normal iron ore and can be found anywhere in volcanic biomes 


Showcase Video (I recommend you watch this video explains everything inside the add-on)


The download link takes you too my website where you can just click the download button and that download button will take you to a mediafire link!


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