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Bedrock Hindustan Gamer Loggy Golem Addon

Hindustan Gamer Loggy Golem Addon

Hindustan Gamer Loggy Golem is like iron Golem it’s defends villagers and players from hostile mobs this addon was inspired from Hindustan Gamer Loggy a Indian Minecraft Youtuber. The Loggy Iron Golem is a idea from one of his video thumbnails where he was a golem

  1. Loggy Golem can be spawned in creative mode using spawn egg
  2. Loggy Golem is nutral to players and villagers but can attack players if provoked

3. Loggy Gole has 100 health and deals 7.5 hearts of damage in normal game difficulty

4.Loggy Golem can’t be found in Survival Mode in any Village it has no natural spawn

Select version for changelog:

  1. Added new in-game images of the addon and 
  2. More details of the addon explained


Media fire link is given and it is free to download if making anyone want to make vedio with this add-on are free to do that just credit me as the add-on creator and give the original mcpdl download link in vedio description

creator: Techno _Command


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