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Bedrock Hinge Simple Zombie Apocalypse Addon

Hinge Simple Zombie Apocalypse Addon

This Simple zombie apocalypse addon add a new type of zombie that doesn’t burn in the day, hunt in groups, and aggressive to all entity or mobs. great for those who want a zombie apocalypse addon but doesn’t want too much thing added into the game.


Watch this video if you doesn’t like reading

Images & Explanation:

extra information:

-zombie broadcast anger radius is 32 blocks, if you get spotted by a zombie, all zombie in 32 blocks radius will chase you

-zombie will leap at target

-hot blocks that zombie will avoid: Campfire, Fire, Torch, Lava, and all the soul variant.

-zombie cant swim water around your base is a great idea

-zombie can break door



revamped zombie behaviour to make them more realistic and cooler



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