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Hog’s Botany


Hog’s Botany is an addon that adds botany pots to the game. The pots grow trees and insert all the stuff into a chest below it. The addon is compatible and can even have functionality with other addons. e.g. Hog’s Trees

Hog’s Botany

Hog’s Botany adds botany pots to automatically grow and collect tree drops. The botany pots have a UI where you can place the sapling of your choice in the first slot. Whatever sapling is there it will insert the loot into the chest/barrel/shulker box below it.

Botany Pot setup:

How to choose sapling:

You place whatever sapling of your choice into the first slot. Saplings that work at the moment:

Oak/Spruce/Birch/Jungle/Acacia/Dark Oak/Mangrove/Crimson Fungus/Warped Fungus


Crafting Recipe

Video explanation:


For creators only –

To create addons that work with Hog’s Bonsai. Create a file in the loot_tables file called “bonsai”.

Then make a loot table with the exact name of the item you want for the bonsai. Then it should work when paired with this pack

creator: https://twitter.com/HogWar554



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