Holy Islands (0.1.00 Alpha Test)

Holy islands is an add-on in phase of Alpha Test in its version 0.1.00 … it is only a test version to know what they think about it, so that they discover some bugs and give me advice to improve it and add new content since At the moment you only have a couple of minutes of content to discover, basically very little content.It is very inspired by the Minecraft Java mod called Aether, in this add-on you will find floating islands in the overworld, these islands have their own blocks, items and more.

Hello, how are you, after 1 year without doing anything that has to do with the add-ons, I came back presenting an add-on, I was creating it 1 year ago but I had canceled it because at that time I was using my cell phone to do it and it was very difficult for me to do it, also that it was not a very powerful device, but recently I got this new PC that thanks to it I can continue developing add-ons.


Remember that the ID of the items are /give holyislands:

I also did a “function” to get all the blocks of the game but you spend your time removing them one by one in each command

Command: /function holyislands_blocks

When you start a world you get an item called “Chipped cloud rune” it is an activatable item, that means that if you press right click you can interact with it, if they are on a cell phone hold down the touch as if you wanted to eat.

As the description of the item itself says, it will give you levitation for a few seconds, that means that when you start the world you can go to the islands without using blocks.

To begin you will find this biome of islands, “Sacred islands” which is the only biome that this add-on adds.

In these islands you will find several things, such as this unique berry bush called “Black sun berry bush”

These small shrubs can make “Black sun berry” grow. what are edible berries

As it says in its description, apply a negative effect called “Blindness” for just a few seconds

These shrubs have their growth stage, Its first stage is “grow”, which is its smallest growth, then it is stage 1 that it has already grown and lastly stage 2, which is when its berries are grown.

To be able to plant these shrubs you need their seeds.

These seeds are obtained by breaking the herbs on the ground, they have a chance that they will give them to you, like wheat seeds.

You can only plant these bushes in the “Sacred grass” and “Sacred dirt” blocks as the following image shows.

It is the biome of the “Sacred islands” you can find some vessels, these vessels can give you things if you break them, the most important things they can give you are the “Mimic iron key” and the “Cloud rune”

These vessels you can break them using your hand, these are the items that you can get from them…

the “Iron mimic key” and the “Cloud rune” are items that have little probability of dropping, since they are items of a lot of value.

First we talk about the “Cloud rune” it is the version of the “Chipped cloud rune” but in good condition, this rune as it says in its description applies “Levitation” and “Slow falling” which is much safer than its damaged version.

Now, the “Iron mimic key”, this key works to open the “Sky chest”, they are very small chests that contain useful things for the player, and even have unique items.

The “Sky Chests” cannot be opened with anything other than your key…

Maybe when you open one of these chests you will be surprised when it comes to life and tries to assassinate you.

This is the “Iron mimic”, it is a very dangerous small enemy, it has high damage for its size and it is difficult to hit because it is fast and small, a whole killing machine.

The “Iron sky chest” and the “Iron mimic” have the chance to give you some unique items.

The “Iron mimic summoning staff” as it says its name is invocation staff, summons 1 “Iron mimic” ally that will attack the mobs.

The “Mimic wood sword” is a sword without powers but it has the damage of a diamond sword, it is quite strong for a start.

The “Living iron mimic” is a summoning item, it summons an “Iron mimic” but compared to the staff this mimic will be an enemy, that means that you can kill it and get new items that it leaves when it dies.

Finally, there is the “Sacred oak crafting table”.

It is as if it were a “Crafting table” but only for things that are from this add-on


This add-on also adds some decoration.

Thank you for trying this add-on, it is greatly appreciated that you tell me in the comments what you think about this.


When you enter the Mediafire link, just download the file and open it, and it will automatically install in your Minecraft

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQtLmcpYkvNdH5sYg3lcKqQ


By aadhu

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