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Bedrock Hot Wheels Acceleracers/HW35 World Race – Krazy8s – Dune Ratz

Hot Wheels Acceleracers/HW35 World Race – Krazy8s – Dune Ratz

Hi! it’s Fay here, a next car for PPA (Project Pixel Acceleracers) cars, yeah you might don’t know this car in Acceleracers series, it’s only shown at Ignition of Acceleracers, sadly Brian “Zone” Kadeem is… you may know it right?. Now kadeem are no longer Dune Ratz team, now he become Acceledrome crew. 

  • Krazy8s Basic Specifications :

Driver : Brian Kadeem

vehicles : Krazy8s

  • Performance :

850 HP

  • Drivertrain :

2 dual overhead cama

Straight 8 cylinder engines, linked and timed


  • Command/Egg to spawn :

command : /summon hp:krazy8s [Real Size]

command : /summon hp:krazy8s_model [Toys Size]

Egg : Spawn Krazy8s | DUNE RATZ

Egg : Spawn Krazy8s Toys | DUNE RATZ

  • Note :

This car is previously from Hot Wheels Highway35 World Race, and continued to Acceleracers series, sadly only Ignition 🙁 if you watch it you might know, and “Kadeem” was become AcceleDrome crew in Acceleracers series helping Dr.Tezla.

  • Ntrox2 :

The Blue one are Full of Nitrox2, carefully! to use it, only 3 times you can use nitrox2! so save them if you really need them. How to use them? it’s same thing as pig!

Note : it’s a re-texture Carrot’s on a Stick and Fishing Rods. hehey don’t judge me if you fishing with that. LOL.

Krazy8s Visual





Toys Scale vs Real Size

“Use Invisibilty Potion if you wanna ride the Toys Version”

Congratulations! now you just changed to “Hot Wheels beat That” game in Minecraft!


Season2 of PPA Video :

  • NOTE :

Welcome to Project Pixel Acceleracers! by Hyperest Studios!, only 1 people who made all of this addon in my studios, and that is HyperF3GamerINDO. To download other vehicle, go to my profile and find them, good luck!. If you wanna share this Addon use mcbedrock links instead direct link of mediafire, to support me. And continue Project Pixel Acceleracers! now enjoy the Addon!. Other cars from TEKU, METAL MANIACS, RACING DRONES, and SILENCERZ will added more in future.


Visit my website for more info about this addon!

Join our Discord! and submit your ideas!

You can modified this addon however, do not re-upload it! and donot re-upload the links!

share the link use MCBEDROCK link! do not direct download [mediafire].



1.The vehicles now have Gears!

2.Models updated [lighter,less lag,material reduction changed to phantom materials]

3.Egg spawn Changed.

4.Added sound startup [Available only for Metal Maniacs and Teku, for Racing Drones and Silencerz they are kinda electric vehicle so i don’t add them it’s really weird will be.]

5.Unused code deleted.

6.Few Bug Fixed.

7.Pack_Icon Changed.




1. Click Download LINVERTISE

2. Click check mark box “i’m not a robot”

3. Wait 5 Second and click “Free Acces with ads”

4. Click “Discover Articel”-> wait 10 second’s -> close by “X”

5. Click “Continue”

6. Scroll down and click “Download”



1. Click Download WEBSITE

2. on top of the bar there will be a announcement on top or you just can scroll down you will find it “Project Pixel Acceleracers”

3. and select the AcceleRacers team

4. and download [there will be available download via ADFLY and LINKVERTISE]



1. Click Download ADFLY

2. Wait 5 second’s

3. Click SKIP

4. Click Allow

5. Download

creator: https://twitter.com/F3Hyper


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