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bedrock Hub Bar System v1 (Official Download) 1.19+

Hub Bar System v1 (Official Download) 1.19+


Have you ever wanted to change your Minecraft experience to a more adventurous and unique RPG style game? So what’s missing?? Then you should try the HUD BAR SYSTEM which changes your screen to a new health bar RPG style…. This HUD can change your gaming experience a lot…. the addon also modifies the interface for Minecraft java in MCPE



Effects like health boost and boost DO NOT break the hud

  • When taking damage your HP(HUD) will reduce according to your current HP with 100% accuracy……
  • If you die, your HP will be full according to your current level and experience.


  • It has 100% full support for all devices (in case of bugs contact me)


  • At the beginning there will be a menu in which you will have to choose your difficulty.
  • If you decide not to choose the difficulty, you will only have access to HP and stamina…. as the level and experience precision of the chosen difficulty so that it works perfectly.


I decided to bring the Java interface because I think it’s more loyal for an addon of this type…..

Remembering that the Java interface is for MINECRAFT BEDROCK

In addition to a better gaming experience, it will also work in Multiplayer and on servers……


  • Some bars at the moment don’t hide when they are creative (not yet as they are in development)
  • When you enter the game your HP will be at 20 so if you have very high maximum HP, it will take a while for you to recover everything…..
  • soon i will solve this error


Each sword has its own area damage.

each sword has its stamina cost per use

Removing Stamina by Use:

Wooden_sword= 15

stone_sword= 17

iron_sword= 19

golden_sword= 22

Diamond_sword= 24

Netherite_sword= 26

Only swords and axes do area damage….


All other items like axes, shovels, pickaxes and etc… have their own stamina cost…..


So that’s all for now… 

Please feel free to report bugs or any bugs. I will appreciate it a lot and solve it. 

Thank you very much everyone! 😊✌️ 


Fixed a possible bug when entering and not showing up in the health bar


 Just click and download…..


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