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Bedrock Hulk Mobs

Hulk Mobs

This addon will add aggressive Mobs that are giant an 10x there normal health an damage but no worry’s some of them are nice an can be tamed an ridden !!!!! This is in beta an will receive updates 3.0.0 
Added Cow 
Added Shark 
Added starfish 
Added Slime

This is a list of the most recently added Mobs in this an currently they don’t have Drops but I will add this in a future update.

Coming Soon Giant Mushroom Cow
Giant Crow 
Giant Snake
Giant Llama
Giant Salmon
Giant Sheep
Giant Squid
King Giant Mob Boss



Have you ever wanted to fight Giant Mobs will you can with this addon an some of them have magic ability’s  so be careful or they might just take over  your minecraft world. 

Also prepair for custome Mobs to be added with crazy mutations an possibly even more insane attacks.

We will Also be Adding Giant Dragons

If you make a review please tag us so we can see what you thing 

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Detailed description better an also added more information about the addon an also added information about future updates.


Click the blue text with the addon name at the bottom of the page to download
an enjoy


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