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Bedrock Hungry Hungry Frog

Hungry Hungry Frog

to create this mod, I simply took some frogs from the wild in the latest minecraft beta, and kept him from his favourite food (slimes) for a few hours to build up a massive apatite, so big in fact that they can and will eat anything to fill the void that is their belly, I then packaged them up into a bundle and posted it on here ready to spawn in your worlds


this addon changes which mobs frogs can eat and so they can and will eat everything that comes close (excluding ghast’s and the enderdragon as their hitbox’s are to large for the frogs attack to reach the center of) it is also not advised to let them eat you while you are in survival mode as due to current bugs they will disconnect you from the world

this video explains the addon quite well


to use this addon, please make sure that you are in the current beta. if you are not in it already you can join it through the xbox insider app on the Microsoft store, if you have any issues, just google it. or if you download this after the next update has been released make sure you have the wild update experimental toggle enabled  like so 

also please note that most items that would be dropped by mobs that frogs eat apart from slimes or magma cubes will go straight into their belly and not drop, however I have made an exception for the wither  

If you do not want frogs to eat absolutely everything, you have the option to allow frogs to not eat players and so this will make for a slightly more survival friendly experience as you won’t be disconnected from the world when they eat you, alternatively you have the option to allow frogs to only eat hostile mobs and leave all other mobs, if you would like to play with this addon in survival mode I would suggest using this setting.

to change setting, click on the cog Icon shown here

and then use the slider to pick between the options

also the current betas are not listed on the selected versions but it is useable from the beta onwards 



added the ability for you to chose which types of mobs the frogs will eat

removed the other option from the linkvertise download process 


to install click the link and you will be redirected to linkvertise 

now click the free access button shown here 

and click these 2 buttons, after clicking the button, wait a few seconds and click the x

then click continue and then download 

the file should now download, just open it in the minecraft beta and place it and the wild update experimental toggle on on your world and enjoy 

creator: https://twitter.com/finleyaubin


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