Hunters Addon

Have you ever wished that in Minecraft there were more weapons, more animals and better food? Well, this hunting addon adds that and much more soon so you can enjoy it in your game


This addon “adds” the hunting mechanic, so that in your world you can go for a walk, kill a couple of bears or deer and go to eat quietly at home while you put your weapon in the closet.


The add-on contains:


3 new animals (for now)


-Wild duck

-Black bear

-common deer

A shotgun with their respective crafts is also added

And a knife to get the items from the animals.

Killing the duck and deer will leave their bodies on the ground, you will need to interact with the bodies with the knife in hand to get the items.

The shotgun has unlimited uses (for now), though it does require bullets to work.

Due to a bug, the animals do not appear naturally in the world, you must take them out of creative or with commands. This will be fixed in the next version.


These are the crafting of the shotgun, the bullets and the knife




If you find any other bugs or have any suggestions or comments, you can tell me in the comments or on my twitter.


Make sure to activate these options before creating the world.



By aadhu

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