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Bedrock Hydration (V1.0)

The Bedrock Hydration V1.0 is a revolutionary new water bottle that is designed to provide users with unlimited access to clean drinking water. This cutting-edge device features a patented filter system that quickly and efficiently purifies water from any source, from lakes and rivers to tap water, eliminating the need for bottled water and reducing plastic waste.

The filter system uses state-of-the-art carbon and ceramic filters to remove bacteria, heavy metals, and other substances from the water, making it safe and pure for consumption. The filter is also easy to replace, and the device has an LED display for filter life monitoring.

The Bedrock Hydration V1.0 also uses a software algorithm to detect the water’s pH balance, temperature, and minerals, ensuring that the water is optimally balanced for the user’s health and hydration needs. Additionally, the device has an app that allows users to track their hydration levels, set reminders to drink water, and view all other information about their water consumption.

Overall, the Bedrock Hydration V1.0 is an impressive piece of technology that promises to revolutionize the way we access clean drinking water. With its advanced filter system and software capabilities, it ensures that users will have access to pure, fresh drinking water at any time. It is sure to become a must-have device for anyone who is committed to staying hydrated and healthy.

Hydration (V1.0) [Works with any Add-on!]


Ever wanted Vanilla Minecraft just that little more challenging, nothing to crazy just another step in Survival? Hydration gives you that. now you will need to keep yourself Hydrated as well as feed. The player.json has not been used so fully compatible with other add-ons

Hydration adds a Hydration counter to your world, you must keep an eye on your level otherwise you will become dehydrated and become pretty much unable to play your game


You will see a Hydration bar when you start your world, every time a player joins your world they will be added to the Hydration System

Stand in water to get your Hydration back to a full 100, keep a Bucket of Water with you to keep yourself Hydrated.

If your Hydration levels falls lower then 10 you will become weak and nauseous


The player.son has not been used so fully compatible with other add-ons



You will need to Download both packs for this add-on to work.

No Experimental Features will need to be active

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8dVw8Ylxi1dCielutku7uQ


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