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Bedrock Ice Boating Forever!

Ice Boating Forever!

In ice boating forever, the boats place ice under themselves and replace seagrass in the river or ocean. It’s a small first project that I hope you will enjoy! I also don’t use link-shorteners because I find them annoying.


My Youtube channel, Happy1speed In Minecraft, is in accordance with this addon. Please do not duplicate or publish this addon onto other sites (modifying for personal use is ok) 

Map credit: give credit to Happy1speed if you use this on a map!
You may not place this behind a paywall or sell this content, this is free and will always be free.

If you like this content, check out my Youtube channel for other cool addons: Happy1speed In Minecraft – YouTube

This addon makes boats place ice under them that replaces water and seagrass.

See the Youtube video here:

this supports Minecraft bedrock 1.16.200+
If this addon is run on a slower device, you may encounter lag and malfunction (like the ice not placing fast enough for you boat to ride on).


boats place ice under them that makes them go faster.


it’s an Mcpack so just open it and it will import to Minecraft!


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