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Bedrock Ice Scream Horror Addon

Ice Scream Horror Addon

Ice Scream Rod is coming to turn you into Ice Cream!!!He kidnaps children and make it chubby with his special Ice Cream!!!He has a Freezing Breath to freeze you and Lot of Minirods like a army.


Rod Sullivan





And special guest from Ice Scream 3 secret ending.

More In-Game Screenshots.

The addon will have many updates so be patient!

I already uploaded the addon on my Yt channel!

Please subscribe and support me for many addons!

Ice Scream Horror Addon Official Release Video!


Ice Scream Horror Addon Official Showcase Video!



Ice Scream Horror Addon V1!

Added lot of characters from Ice Scream Sagas!

Added In-Game Screenshots!

Pls Put this Link or my Channel link if you’re gonna make a gameplay on my addon.


Find the addon file on “Downloads Folder”

Tap the file and select Minecraft

It will automatically imported to Minecraft but Activating the addon is manual

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxkdCXBiKJaj6v_sv3dU3TQ


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