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Bedrock Ice Siren Addon

Ice Siren Addon

If you are looking for an addon with mermaids, you are in the wilderness, this addon will add the three sirens of the ice and fire mod, they are not what they are not, they will attack everything that is human that walks on the seas


Well, this addon adds the three mermaids from the ice and fire mod

the red haired one:

The one with black hair:

And the one with blonde hair:

all spawned in deep oceans are a bit rare to find, but when you do find them, protect yourself from them they can attack villagers, and even the player when killed can sleep prismarine crystals and scales


 bright scale this item has no use, but in a future version of the addon it will.

 earplugs which can protect your attractive singing

Soon I will add the mermaid stone and add more types of mermaids, fix bugs among others that I intend to keep secret because it will be a surprise :).



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