Ice Spike World Add-On

Welcome to Ice Spike World Add-On. This addon will transform all of Minecraft biome into ice plains with spike in it. You can use this addon for challenging survival because there are no trees! But still you can get woods by finding some structures like village, mineshaft or shipwreck. 


Unfortunately, ocean biomes can not be removed in this addon because ice plains spike is a mutated biome so removing ocean can make this addon crash. But I made oceans biome smaller and rarer. 

This is the difference with / without this addon:

this screenshots taken in the same location, same seed, same head rotation



Here’s some screenshots


This addon is also compatible with Better River addon

check my profile for this addon



Make sure you turn on all experimental gameplay

It’s recommended to load a new world with this addon, or else you will see this weird chunk generating in your world

If you make review, gameplay, or showcase about this add-on, don’t forget to put the original link

creator: Velozrt

By aadhu

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