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Bedrock IDs Simple Unmount Tool Add-on


IDs Simple Unmount Tool Add-on

With this addon you can now simply unmount entity’s from vehicles, planes etc.!

This can be very useful, especially in NPC wars, when you want to deploy your troops and they should jump out of an troop transport.

Made by ID9999

If you should want to use this codes, credit me. 

This Addon is like i said for NPC wars or other NPC stuff (you can use it for everything you want XD), because you can unride the NPCs simply from the entity they ride.

This add on includes 2 different items:

  1. The normal unmounter who, if you hit an entity with it unride all entitys riding it.
Bedrock IDs Simple Unmount Tool Add-on

Unfortunately all unmount tools are invisible but maybe I change that

 2. The unmount+ride tool: this tool makes the same as the other, but it also let you ride again the entity.

Bedrock IDs Simple Unmount Tool Add-on

Also all tools dont deal direct damage to the entity you hit, so the entity wont die from it (: .

How to find the items?: you can find them into your normal inventory, the item with the + is the unmount tool+ride and the normal one without the red + is the normal unmount tool.

Item textures:

Small tutorial (because it won’t let me post if the description is to small, even if the add on is very small) :

Bedrock IDs Simple Unmount Tool Add-on
Bedrock IDs Simple Unmount Tool Add-on
Bedrock IDs Simple Unmount Tool Add-on

*all pictures you can see include other addons like battlecraft and a private soldier addon , these addons arent in the download but you can download them seperately (battlecraft)

dont share the direct mediafire link!

Also please subscribe to my YouTube channel for the latest updates! 


-added item icons

-next update I may reduce the item demmage


  1. Download both packs
  2. Open them with minecraft
  3. Activate experimental sittings
  4. Ready

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