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Bedrock Illusion Block In Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Illusion Block In Minecraft Bedrock Edition


I don’t know if you’ve ever played it.  Illusion Block is a so interesting mod in minecraft Java, because it allows entities to pass through. So I restored the mod. Yes, it’s in the bedrock edition!


After loading this addon, all blocks will be loaded in “construction”

If survival wants to synthesize, the specified crafting table must be used.

Illusion Block Crafting Table:

It allows you to synthesize all illumination blocks.And only one Eye of Ender.


Allow entity penetration

All illumination block names are blue

No reprinting without permission

I am a Chinese player, and the above is made by translator



Open this setting and run addon

You can’t create download links by yourself. If you need to share, please provide my link. But you can use this addon to create a map or survive and share it. I allow you to do so.


Please tell me in the comment area


pc:zip delete and double-click to import the game

Android mobile phone:zip delete and select minecraft to open

ios:This is a little troublesome. First, you must unzip the file, and then you will get the “RP” and “BP” folders, and then find the path of minecraft: games/com.mojang… Find the corresponding folder and copy (move) it

creator: 奶糖也不是很甜


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