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Bedrock Imperial Admin Commands (Function + Structure Pack)

Imperial Admin Commands (Function + Structure Pack)

These admin commands are made to help keep realms safe from hackers/rule breakers. This upload includes the Structure file and the Function pack. This pack was made and designed by ImperialTie7289. 


This function pack is made for realm moderation. This pack includes the following commands SO FAR:

Green Text= Operational

Red Text=Not Operational




/Ban (Under development)



/Clear Chat



And more to come. To use these commands, you must download BOTH files and follow the directions as listed:

  1. Install the “CommandStructures” and, “Imperial Admin Command’s” Mcpack’s.
  2. Load into a Minecraft world/realm with the packs enabled
  3. Spawn a structure block and change gamerule commandblockoutput to false
  4. Switch the structure block to the “Load” mode and enter the following title, “IAC. Commands”
  5. If you entered the title correctly and have BOTH mcpack’s enabled, it should load a command block area with a chest. The chest includes all the papers required to operate the commands.
  6. do (/tag “_____” add Staff) to all members with the staff permissions(This will stop the commands from working on them.)
  7. Throw the papers down and you should be all set!!!


You may adjust the tick speed on the command blocks, but do not mess with the commands within them.


If you would like to use my files in your pack, please reach out to me on discord

@Legend Taco#9953


creator: ImperialTie7289

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