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Bedrock Indian Foods Addon v2

Indian Foods Addon v2

Guys in this add on you will find some such Indian Foods which will give you very strong effects Which will increase your survival experience If you want to make a video of this add-on and put it on YouTube, then give credit in the description. 


You will find many types of Indian food in it like samosa, bread pakora, chole bhature, ets.

To craft these foods, you will need a groceries, which you will have to trade with Motilal.Think like you buy from the shopkeeper in real life.


You can also get Hero of the Village by eating Indian foods, all the effects are in 130 sec.



For more information you can also watch the video and please subscribe also we are very close to 2k so please subscribe

creator: https://www.youtube.com/c/MINERCRAFTS


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